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Watch Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 5 Online Free

Watch Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 5 Online Free

Monday, 02. July 2012

Watch Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 5 Online Free

By zigzagzui2, 19:04


Pretty Little Liars season 5 Episode 5 It appears that Mona’s whole “insane and silent” routine may be an act (although that was definitely real blood from those tweezers). Mona must know who’s been sending the new batch of “A” texts and whether that person is in fact Ali, whom Mona saw sitting in her hospital room last week. Another clue to suggest it’s Ali? The fact that “A” was wearing the red coat in the final scene while buying enough hoodies for a “team” of people. Hoodies have never been so popular.

- It appears that several members of the Montgomery family get spied on this week, including Aria at her home while holding the Earring of Doom, and Ella in her classroom while fraudulently completing Emily’s test for her. Is there any doubt that someone is gonna find out about what Ella did, leading to her possibly getting fired from the school? We sadly agree.

- Meredith applying for a job at Aria’s school doesn’t help Aria and her dad’s already-frosty relationship. In fact, things are so chilly between Aria and Byron that nearby birds have started migrating south. We now wonder if Ali and Meredith had more interactions than we realize, given that Ali helped Aria catch her dad and Meredith in the act. So did Ali plant those earrings in Byron’s office because she was mad at Meredith for some yet-unexplained reason?

Other Things That Need to Be Discussed:

- Until Hanna threw that chair, we had assumed that the only way a chair could cause you pain was if it didn’t provide your back with enough lumbar support. By the way, maybe Hanna can start a petition to get “Chair Throwing” added to the list of sports at this year’s Olympic games? We smell a gold medal for our girl.

- There was much talk about earrings this week, but we would pass on the drab ones that Aria found in Byron’s office in favor of the foot-long, blue-and-yellow, feather-like earrings that Hanna wore early in the episode. Those earrings resemble tassels from a graduation cap — and given what happened this week, they might be the closest thing that poor Em ever gets to a graduation tassel.

And the look she gives him in return:

Faux Riggins: YA DONE, SON. Buh-bye. You haven't gotten that look from Hanna since the first time y'all met and you told her your older brother's name was Tim Riggins. Later, bro. You're toast.

As for the only relationship I support, Toby and Spencer, they are having a conversation in Spencer's house that I'm not paying attention to. I'm not, because I know all Spencer wants is to make high school love to her man. Last episode, Pretty Little Liars season 5 Episode 5 Toby was all like "no," but once that slow jam came on in the background, Toby began giving Spencer an over-shirt massage, which turned into an under-shirt massage, which turned into a vertical make-out, which turned into a horizontal make-out, which turned into:

    Spencer's mom: Spencer?

Classic frantic teenage unhorizontal maneuver by Toby and Spencer. CLASSIC.

The next day at school, the girls strut down the hallway toward Aria's locker and find an envelope hanging inside. Inside that envelope, a red earring.

The other three girls start asking Aria what that is, but she doesn't respond. Instead, we get a flashback:

[Side note: This is one of the better flashbacks I've ever witnessed. Just unreal.]

The flashback takes us to then-alive Ali and then-hair-with-red-streaks Aria breaking into her father's office, where they assume an affair has been taking Pretty Little Liars season 5 Episode 5 place between him and Meredith. Aria doesn't feel comfortable doing this, especially since her dad said the affair was over, but Ali (as we've seen over countless flashbacks) has a way of peer-pressuring her friends into doing anything that causes chaos. After a quick janitor scare, they dig through the couch — and what do they find?

Yep. The same earrings from the future. But it gets crazier.

[Side note: I'm actually over discussing the flashback, but know that Ali and Aria proceed to destroy this office. They pour coffee on his stuff, vandalize the walls, Pretty Little Liars season 5 Episode 5 pull the feathers out of the pillows, and do any other form of office terrorism they can think of, all to make it look like Meredith did this. But yeah, got to get back to the earring plot. Actually, here's one image of it. It's just too good; you've got to see Hurricane Aria in action. Girls are cray.]

But back to these earrings. IT GETS CRAZIER.

We're back at the locker, and the girls are still confused about the significance of the earrings. Not because they are especially nice earrings or anything, but more because Aria put them in Ali's casket as a keepsake during her funeral. Yeah. So Pretty Little Liars season 5 Episode 5 that happened. And just like that, we have the second sign that the gravediggers are communicating with the Liars. Uh-oh.

After that crazy string of drama, back with Ezra tutoring Emily. She's distracted and isn't really that into the session, partly because she seems to have some stuff on her mind (human molars, ghost earrings), but also (hopefully) because Ezra is the worst. I hope she fails her test and then blames it on him. And then sues him. For something. Anyway, this scene quickly ends, and the plot picks back up with Aria leaving school, walking by "blind" Jenna, Pretty Little Liars season 5 Episode 5 and then Jenna calling for her after hearing Aria's ringtone go off. They start talking, and Jenna asks Aria if she would come over the next day to help her with a piano recital she has coming up. Aria, noticeably uncomfortable, makes up an excuse and then lies and says her dad is waving at her, so she has to go.

[Side note: Don't lie to blind people about things you see out in the distance. Yes, it's extremely rude, but also know they might just not be blind. Case in point:]

[While I would never wish harm upon any of the Liars, the next bad thing to happen to Aria she 100 percent brought on herself. Even I have my limits, and one of those is using my sight to lie to the blind.]

The next few scenes are important, but not sexy. Faux Riggins brings Hanna some food, but Hanna is obviously not interested because she's got a British man on her mind. Spencer gets yelled at by her mother for visiting the county jail Pretty Little Liars season 5 Episode 5 (completely appropriate thing to yell at your child about). Once we get to Aria, however, the episode takes a much-needed turn for the technological. UNKNOWN TEXT TIME.

    Daddy needs to know. Or I let the other one go. To the police. 'Night-night. -A

As soon as Aria gets this text, she jumps as if she saw someone outside of the window. And then when she goes to hide the earring in her drawer, we see a silhouette of something go past a window. Aria. Watch out, girl. There is obviously an evil texter out there who is climbin’ in your windows, snatchin’ your people up, tryin’ to scare 'em with digging up your friend's grave. So, girl, you probably need to Pretty Little Liars season 5 Episode 5 hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband, 'cause they’re sending rude texts to everybody out here.

Or, you know, something like that.

As this episode races through its final third, in classic PLL fashion, many a plot line is thrown our way. Hanna goes to Mona (with Faux Riggins in tow) and brings makeup, which seems to bring the first real sign of life to Mona's face. Emily begins taking her test, but then has a flashback to her kidnapping, causing her to fail her test. Aria visits Meredith after admitting to her dad what she did to the office to frame her, and apologizes. At the end, Aria gives Meredith her earring, to which Meredith replies Pretty Little Liars season 5 Episode 5: